Money Mini-Posters

Money Mini-Posters

Introduce and engage your clients in important money topics. Buy the Money Mini-Posters Pack today!


To more easily and successfully engage clients in financial wellness, the Center for Financial Social Work has created an exclusive series of two-sided “Money Mini-Posters.”

Each “Money Mini-Poster” features a money lesson on a particular topic, as well as helpful tips and strategies clients can use to improve their financial health.

Once purchased, the “Money Mini-Posters” are meant to be reproduced, discussed with clients and given to them to reinforce and review the topic. They are a time and cost effective solution for educating, motivating and supporting clients in establishing healthy money habits.


  • Six beautifully designed double-sided mini-posters covering an array of important money topics.
  • Instruction manual describing the best methods for engaging your clients with Money Mini-Posters.


  • Simple to understand.
  • Attractive/colorfully designed to maximize client engagement.
  • Interactive, introspective and action oriented.
  • Reproducible and meant to be used with and given to each client.
  • Educational, motivational and supportive of financial behavioral change.
  • Helpful stand-alone or companion pieces to Financial Social Work or other programs.
  • Full of ready-to-apply tips and strategies clients may use to improve their financial wellbeing.

Topics Covered

  • Emotional Spending Triggers & Strategies.
  • Credit Score Basics.
  • Financial Profiling.
  • Healing Your Relationship With Your Money.
  • Readiness to Change + Commitment to Change.
  • Setting Financial Boundaries.
  • Financial Goal Setting.
  • Financial Self-Care.
  • Positive Thinking.
  • Connecting With Your Inner Money Self.
  • Conversations With Your Inner Money Self.
  • Femonomics: The Gender of Money.
  • The Gender of Money.

This kit provides you with the tools you need to engage your clients in important money topics. Shop confidently with our secure and safe checkout process.