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Counselors and Therapists Can Empower Sustainable Financial Change with the Right Financial Support Group Model

financial support group

Are you a counselor or therapist wishing to empower effective, sustainable financial change in a group setting? Individuals and families experiencing financial problems, money management challenges and the stress which comes as a byproduct of financial insecurity can benefit greatly from financial support group based on Financial Social Work’s interactive, introspective behavioral model.

What makes this support group model an effective method for counselors or therapists to engage clients and empower clients to experience personal growth while learning how to improve their financial futures? How can a financial support group utilizing the information, methods, tools and workbooks provided in the FSW Financial Education Support Group Kit empower your clients to make sustainable financial changes in their lives? Let’s address those questions below starting with the second question first.

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Financial Social Work Founder Speaking at 2016 NASW National Conference

2016 NASW National Conference

In breaking financial social work news, the Center for Financial Social Work’s founder, Reeta Wolfsohn, will deliver a presentation at the 2016 NASW National Conference Leading Change / Transforming Lives. You are invited to join Reeta Wolfsohn in Washington, D.C. for this bi-annual conference featuring over 100 breakout sessions, informative plenary sessions, pre-conference events, an advocacy session on Capitol Hill and networking opportunities with your fellow social workers and like-minded professionals. Register to attend this 2016 NASW National Conference which will be held at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel June 22 – 25.

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Tips for Life Coaches to Empower Others to Break Self-Sabotaging Money Habits

life coach listening to client

Self-sabotaging money habits keep your clients stuck and prevent positive financial change. As life coaches, each of you understand that enabling your clients to make life changes is not the answer. Instead, the most effective approach is to empower your clients to end self-sabotaging habits and make financial change themselves.

The following tips for life coaches introduce you to the Financial Social Work model and its process for helping life coaches empower clients to achieve sustainable financial change. The FSW model goes well beyond programs which educate life coaches on how to talk to people about money. Instead, as you discover in the Financial Social Work certification, this model teaches you to incorporate multiple therapeutic modalities within an interactive, introspective behavioral model of financial education.

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