Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

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Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

As the founder of Financial Social Work (FSW) and the Financial Therapy Network (FTN), Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW, has dedicated almost twenty years to empowering individuals to take control of their money in order to gain control of their lives. Her work provides social workers, community advocates, human service providers and consumers with a proven and positive method for achieving financial wellbeing.

The Financial Social Work certification offers professionals a psychosocial, strengths-based approach which incorporates on-going financial education, motivation, validation and support – the essential components of sustainable, long-term behavioral change. Financial Social Work graduates (social workers and other helping professionals) work with diverse client populations across the country and around the world. They combine the interactive and introspective aspects of FSW with the financial skills, tools and knowledge from the program to help clients create financial wellbeing.

The Financial Therapy Network is Reeta’s vision for a safe and accepting community where consumers have the opportunity to nurture what she refers to as “inner financial self,” that part of each person that longs for a better financial future but doesn’t know how to create it. The unique FTN products and services will include a self-paced consumer self-help program – My Money Myself (MMM), online support groups, and a directory of financial therapists and coaches along with an affiliate program.

Select Highlights

  • Coined “Femonomics” – the Gender of Money; Financial Social Work evolved from Wolfsohn’s work with women who were struggling financially.
  • Created first Financial Social Work position in NC-DSS.
  • Taught first Financial Social Work graduate level course at University of Maryland.
  • The Financial Social Work curriculum has been taught at the University of Kentucky since 2011 (online elective).
  • A chapter on FSW was included in the NASW Press publication: Social Work Matters: The Power of Linking Policy and Practice.
  • Financial Social Work was published in the new Oxford Press Online Encyclopedia of Social Work.
  • Reeta has presented at many state, national and world conferences such as: National NASW Conference, World Employee Assistance Program Association Conference, National Network to End Domestic Violence, Council on Social Work Education, etc.
  • Financial Social Work Institute at Black Family Summit — Jackson Mississippi.
  • Keynote at Financial Education and Professional Development Summit Birmingham, Alabama.
  • Financial Social Work was researched for efficacy in Erie, Pennsylvania (highest poverty rate of any major city in PA) under the auspices of the United Way. The majority of the participants in the three (3) year multi-agency project gave Financial Social Work a very good assessment with 83% giving it a “good” or “excellent” rating and 88% would recommend Financial Social Work to other who want to achieve financial self-sufficiency.