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Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

Picture of Reeta Wolfsohn

Reeta Wolfsohn, CMSW

Reeta Wolfsohn devoted over fifteen years to the creation of Financial Social Work. Her passion for the discipline carries on today as she continues to focus her energy on helping others through her Financial Social Work certification. She is passionate about developing materials capable of motivating others to better their lives by taking control of their finances and making long-term, life-altering behavioral changes.

Over the years, the Center for Financial Social Work has certified hundreds of men and women in the United States and in other countries. In turn, these professionals use the tools and knowledge learned from Reeta Wolfsohn to help their clients change their lives with the interactive, introspective and heavily psychosocial approach of Financial Social Work.

The unique behavioral approach to financial change and financial empowerment Reeta Wolfsohn created in 2003 has impacted countless individuals and families. For someone with such a passion for helping others like Reeta, this is a dream come true. And thankfully for all involved, Reeta decided to make a life-changing decision herself many years ago which lead her down the path towards Financial Social Work.

Reeta Wolfsohn’s Story

Reeta grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. After high school, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in retail management. She eventually used her background in retail and her entrepreneurial talents to start her own special event company on Long Island, New York. After eighteen years of owning her own business, Reeta returned to graduate school where she earned her master’s degree in social work.

It was during this time in graduate school that the first flames of the Financial Social Work discipline were sparked. Reeta began the Femonomics Institute in 1997. Femonomics focused on educating and empowering females financially. Six years later, in 2003, Reeta Wolfsohn moved away from a gender-specific model when it became obvious to her that financial change was directly connected with behavioral change. This discovery was the spark that created the behavioral-specific model known today as Financial Social Work.

As mentioned above, since creating the Financial Social Work certification and Center for Financial Social Work, Reeta has seen her work change a countless amount of lives. She continues to keynote state and national conferences, train thousands of conference attendees and teach her work at universities and colleges. Reeta Wolfsohn says one of her greatest rewards is hearing how Financial Social Work graduates use her work to help their clients change their relationship and behavior with their money while creating financial stability for themselves and for their families.

Reeta understands that many men and women are struggling in the current economic downturn. However, she also understands that people struggle financially in all economic times. With the insight, understanding, skills and tools to manage their money and their lives more proactively, these people can make long-term financial change. Reeta’s creation, Financial Social Work, expands personal awareness as much as financial knowledge empowering people to leave helplessness and hopelessness behind for a more secure, happy and hopeful life.