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Taking Control of Your Money and Your Life Can Be Validating and Nurturing!

As anyone reading this knows, money is an extremely emotionally charged topic; one that’s rarely talked about.

Addressing money issues and problems requires more than learning how to balance a checkbook or to follow a budget  That’s because improving financial circumstances involves expanded self-awareness and balance, even though neither of these is a remotely financial prerequisite.  However, both are life-affirming essentials and foundational to sustainable, long-term financial behavioral change.

Expanded self-awareness and balance work in tandem to reduce stress and provide harmony in all areas of your life particularly the financial component.

Balance and harmony cannot coexist with chaos and stress.

You are where you need to be for now.  There are lessons for you to learn where you are, before moving on in a new and better direction.

Learn your lessons; you’ll be glad you did.

Don’t make taking control of your money and your life another unreasonable expectation you place on yourself.  Make it a new way of living that validates and nurtures you – enriching your days and your life.

The past is over – nothing can be done to change what already happened, but much can be done to create a better future.  The future is yours to create.  Who could possibly do a better job than you?  Begin by determining:

  • What about your life fulfills you.
  • What about your life you would like to change?
  • Where your life is currently headed.
  • Where you would like your life to be headed.

Understanding who you are today allows you to clarify who you want to become tomorrow and how to use that insight  to benefit:

  • Yourself.
  • Your family.
  • Your community.
  • The world.

Stop wasting time lamenting the past.  Start taking the steps that lead to a more emotionally and financial stable future.